Важно совсем не то, что пишут на заборах. Заборы и существуют для того, чтобы на них писали непристойности.(с) И.Порошин
спешл фор ю намбер 3
Марк Селби.

ЗЫ. Про Пола будет сегодня вечером и будет достаточно много.

Jester Mark in a World of Dreams.(Features)
From: Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England) Date: June 3, 2007


MARK Selby went to Blackpool last summer and came back with a world title and a new missus!

He hopes for similar luck when he goes back there next month to defend his ImproveYourPool.com World Eight-Ball Pool Championship at the Imperial Hotel on July 5 and is assured of plenty of support after reaching the final of the 888.com World Snooker Championship in Sheffield in April.

His stirring come-from-behind wins there over Stephen Lee, Ali Carter and Shaun Murphy and his happy-go-lucky attitude earned him millions of fans and the nickname "The Jester From Leicester".

Selby admits his life has been "chaotic" since the end of the World Championship which capped a whirlwind year which started in Blackpool last June.

The 23-year-old won the world pool title after having to qualify and found love with women's player Vicky Layton.

"I knew Vicky before last summer but we only really got talking in Blackpool," said Selby.

"We ended up getting together and are still together now, so it turned out to be a pretty good few days for me.

"Vicky will be playing in the women's championship in Blackpool so hopefully both of us will win the world title."

Selby has been in demand since defeat against John Higgins in the world snooker final, but his pool skills haven't always made him popular.

He started playing competitive pool when he was just nine years old at The Rocket in Leicester and said: "Most people were appreciative and would shake my hand and wish me luck.

"But there were others who were jealous and used to say I shouldn't be allowed to play in the league because I was too young.

"There were a few letters written complaining because I was under age.

"But the landlord wanted me to carry on playing.

He could see I was a good talent and it all got sorted out in the end."

Selby says everyone wants to play him now.

"Lots of people play pool," he said. "It's a sociable thing to do and I get challenged when I go out in Leicester.

"They all want to take on the world champion and it's all good fun.

"I enjoy it and I've played a few exhibitions. They were good fun and bring in good crowds.

"I think some people prefer it to snooker because it's not as drawn out. The banter is always good when I play pool."

Selby will be the scalp everyone wants in Blackpool and he admits retaining the title will be harder than winning it.

"Nobody's ever won it at the first attempt and then gone back and retained it," he said. "I think people were surprised that I turned up and won it.

"I know it's going to be tougher to win it again.

People will be trying harder to beat me this time.

"They all know who I am now and what I can do.

"It's another new challenge for me and I'm looking forward to it."

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2007-07-10 в 09:55 

It's only forever - not long at all...
Спасибо, дорогая!
Вот сегодня вечером и займусь плотненько... А то на безделях какие-то мысли непозитивные все лезут и лезут... :-(

2007-07-10 в 11:01 

Важно совсем не то, что пишут на заборах. Заборы и существуют для того, чтобы на них писали непристойности.(с) И.Порошин
*Грустно* Не факт, что перестанут. Я только просматриваю, а уже состояние хоть плач.

2007-07-10 в 12:30 

It's only forever - not long at all...
Минус на минус? :nope: Хотя вряд ли...


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